Monday, September 17, 2012

At the Party...

Years ago during a fun party in my previous company, our CEO asked a riddle. "Rich man needs __, Poor man has __, if you eat __ you will die.". He asked a common word to replace all __. After much brain storming, we came up with answer. It was "nothing". Then in the party it followed a debate on Rich and Poor. Every one presented their views on rich, poor and money.

Some argued that being rich and poor is relative. Of course, that makes sense. For one person, I am poor. For another one I am rich. So, it depends on perception. I can choose to be rich or poor, as I want to be. Definitely a positive thought.

Some others argued that money is not important, because it cannot bring happiness. What about a life with full of money, but no love, no health? It will be definitely miserable. This view is good, if you have no money. But disappointing if you are rich (again relative). As the famous saying goes by "If you have money enjoy it, if you don't, be philosophical".

If money cannot bring happiness, and it is not important, why don't the supporters of this school, give all their money to me? They will not. They will say that they want some money to make the wheel rolling and they are happy with whatever money they are earning, so they don't worry about money. So, they are getting enough. They are happy. They don't want additional money. Hope they will give me the extra money they get as part of their next salary hike. Good.

Some one said there is no need to worry about money. You need to think about money, You need to be aware of money. Don't worry about money, because your health is also important..

And of course there are people who argued thinking about money is a taboo. They believe money and fame are like shadows. When you go toward it, it will go away from you. If you walk back, it will come to you. Good example. But money is really like that?

Further they argued that only greedy people think about money. Those who think about money will end up doing illegal activities for making money. They will make money, but lose peace of mind.   Solution? Pinch the money thoughts in the beginning so that you will have peace of mind. Great!

Then, is greed such a bad habit? If it was not greed, why do you work hard? People, of course, need more inspiration than the satisfaction of  a work well done. Because of the greed only, many entrepreneurs started their business and some changed the world.

One of my friends presented the most interesting aspect of money. Money cannot bring happiness. Money cannot bring peace of mind. But, Money can bring you more choices. For example, suppose you want to go to city from your office. If you have no money, you have only one choice. Walk all the way! If you have Rs 10, you have two choices. You can either walk or go by a bus. If you have Rs 50, you have three choices. Walk, go by bus, or go by Taxi. As the money increases, it give you more and more choices. Interesting.

As any argument, we departed without any conclusion. I am sharing this experience just thinking it will inspire you to think and understand about money. Please feel free to comment, if you have a different opinion on money, other than what we discussed in the party.

Have a nice day.

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