Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Are You Working for Money?

Years ago I went for a job interview to a multi national company. One of the questions asked was "What do you work for". It did not take a moment to think, I answered "Money". The interviewer did not ask for an explanation then. But now recalling that question, I ask to myself, am I really working for money?

I have worked on many days 10 or 12 hours. There is no overtime pay in our company, so the company always pays for 8 hours a day. So, why do I work more hours? If I was really working for money, I would not have worked that extra time.

Not only me, I have seen many people working extra time ex-gratia. There are different reasons for this, passion for the job, satisfying their ego, insecurity feeling, competition, work culture, workaholism, you can name many. But if you say you are working the extra time for money, that will be a big lie.

Some companies have a grading system, which puts their employees in a rat race. For example, at the end of the year each employee is given a grade like A, B, C and D. So, every employee try to get an A, by beating other fellow employees. The employees are forced to work more time than their co-workers to get an A.Usually, these grades are linked to the percentage of salary hike the employees get. So, if they work extra time, they get an A. and A gets more money. So they are working more time for money?

But if you want to make more money, the easy and sure proof method is work 8 hours in your primary job, and for rest of your time work for a part time job. If you don't like to work for a part time job, start a business, where you can spend minimum time. But these methods are not comfortable as working long hours for your job.

If you are a workaholic, my advice for you is to start your own business, rather than working for some one else. Because, if it is your own business, as you work long time, you will be benefited. On the other hand if you work for some one else, you work hard, and he will make more money.

If you can strictly stick to the policy working-for-money, that has lot of advantages. For one, you will not care to work extra time, unless there is extra payment. For another, you will not care much about a confrontation with your manager, for another you will not care much about the rat race.

The primary reason for we are all working is money. Then we should not forget this primary reason due to the challenges and pressure we face at work.

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