Monday, October 29, 2012

10 Useful websites worth bookmarking

Knowledge is of two types. First kind, you know it. Second kind, you know where you can find knowledge. In today's world, both of these kinds of knowledge are important. Even if you don't know it, if you know how to google or you know which website can tell you about it, then that is more than enough.

In this post, I present you URLs to a few websites, which are worth bookmarking for a money conscious person. These are more of my personal bookmarks, I have not conduct a review or comparison between their competitors.

01. - This is all about Indian Share market, Finance and Investing, commodity and what not. The portfolio section helps you to track the performance of your stocks, mutual funds, ULIPS, Fixed Income, etc.

02. - No one can learn how to swim without getting wet. However, this site helps you practice share trading without losing money. You can take it as a learning tool if you are new to trading, or investment challenge if you are experienced trader.

03. - Want to calculate your income tax, recurring deposit/fixed deposit returns, Loan EMIs? 22 finance calculators in this site are very handy.

04. - Want to invest in mutual funds online? This is the best site you can find.

05. - If you want to get rich, the first step is start tracking your income and expense. If you are in the habit of noting down your expenses daily, this site helps you do it online.

06. - People usually ask me which Mutual Fund is best to invest. I redirect them to this website. You can find the crisil rating of Mutual Funds here.

07. - Want to know your Employee Provident Fund balance? Fill in details here, they will SMS to your mobile.

08. - Want to e-file your Income Tax returns? This site can help you. Hope they will make the process more user friendly in future.

09. - Want to know your Income Tax refund status? check here.

10. - Know the interest rates of different Post Office deposit schemes.

Do you know any useful site, which not listed here? It will be great if you can share it through comments.

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