Wednesday, April 10, 2013

80C Tax Saving Planner

This is the start of the financial year, and this is the best time to start tax saving planning. The section 80C of income tax act, allows us to spend or invest our money in specified categories and to get tax exemption.

Somewhere in my blog, I complained that all the newspapers, magazine, blogs publish articles on tax savings on the last quarter of the finance year, when it is too late to do any planning. So, I decided to write about tax planning at the start of the finance year.

This is the best time to start planning. To help you a little with planning I have created one excel sheet. You can download the excel sheet here.

While using this excel sheet, please note below points.
  1. The target of your investment should not be only tax saving. It should be aligned to your financial goals. However, take into account different tax saving schemes so that you can get maximum return.
  2. Please spend some time to customize this excel sheet for your needs. Do not copy blindly.
  3. The excel sheet is created based on my knowledge and experience. It is not a replacement for professional tax advice.
  4. I cannot be held responsible for any losses due to recommendation. On the other hand, I don't mind sharing your returns with me.
  5. I have not included all schemed available under 80 C. I have included only ones, which are commonly used and which are recommended by me.
Hope this helps some one. Happy investing.

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